Goodness, Gracious.

by Ian Kraemer

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the second album by ian kraemer, and it's Pretty Good.


released December 31, 2016

Ian Kraemer - vocals and all instrumentation



all rights reserved


Ian Kraemer Turlock, California

born and raised in san diego, california, ian picked up guitar when he was 11 and started writing his own songs. he moved to turlock, california when he was 13 years old and has been recording songs and performing intermittently.

his main influences are weezer, oasis, and blur
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Track Name: Barren Vacant Red Seas
The desert sky has dawned upon me
And I’ve collapsed onto the sand
I knew that I would never make it
But here I lie and here I’ll rest

The ground below is now forsaken
And the wind that blows above
And now my life is flashing by me
All those moments I’ve forgotten

You remember
You remember
You remember

The waves have slowly overtaken
And my hands are stuck inside
Underneath there’s so much pressure
And my throat’s completely dry

There’s no one here to try to save me
There’s no one here to look on by
There’s no one here that hears my yelling
There’s no one here to see me die
Track Name: Fading Away
Bleeding from the outside in
Torn apart, my broken ribs
Walk away, never to speak
I cannot hear, I cannot see

Twisted bones, my flesh is pale
My heart and soul are up for sale
And my brain is unable to think
I’m disintegrating into the sink

So let me know, is there something wrong?
Did you spill your heart into your song?
Are you better now? Well it won’t be for long
When I’m back to fading away

I write a verse and make a line
And put some chords to 4/4 time
When I’m done and it’s complete
It’ll never see the light of day

Then I go back to my routine
Of crying out then realizing
That maybe I shouldn’t feel this way
And write a song about that day

I wanna know if it’s something real
Or something fake that you cannot feel
I don’t even know what should I do
Because I’m here I’m stuck with you

And all the boys are watching on
And all the girls are singing songs
That they played when they were young
And I’m in the zone I’ve come I’ve gone
Track Name: It's 3AM In America
Black eyes
White face
Heat wave

Blue stars
Red seas
Can’t wake
Can’t sleep

Standing in the rain
As your finger’s on the button
Pull the trigger and, boom let it go
While the kids are fast asleep
Put your finger on the button
Pull the trigger and, boom let it go

The man
Walks in
Sits down
Breathes in

In hand
Bombs out
He prays
Track Name: Suburban Hymn
Singing my hymns to the darkest of night
While the world never hears ya, as much as you might
And sooner than you know it, we’re all long gone

And the people I knew, so many years ago
They've forgot that I’m here and they're on with the show
I’m sitting alone looking up at the stars again

Wishing that there was somebody out there
Who’d listen
Happened to fall for an alien
And he killed me in the end
I’m lying in bed at about 3 am
Wondering where I went wrong
Cause it’s not just a song
It’s not just a song

I tried to be something, I tried to be cool
Get people to like me and be someone new
But try as I might, no one was on my side

I never admitted, I never complained
Never screamed loudly, yelled “why God” in vain
But I always have been everybody except for me

Oh I see you standing there
I see the jacket you wear
Oh I see you… standing there
I see ya… tell me bout it.
Track Name: Forest Fires
i was waiting for that day
for so damn long i cannot say to you
how i had felt i wanted to
do everything with you and
maybe we would just hang out
and talk about the stars and shout
into the sky the city lights
that light the night like forest fires
but nothing ever came to be
and everything was left unseen
and unread and messages
that i had sent you never read
you never looked at me at all
but i’m still looking at you
and i don’t even want to
no i don’t even want to at all