Error Code

by Ian Kraemer

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I'm Ian Kraemer, And I'd Like To Say A Few Words. First and Foremost, Thanks for Checking Out My Album. Hope You Enjoy It. Secondly, My Song "Renaissance", Which Is Featured On This Album, Originally Was From "Vast Error: Volume One", An Album For "Vast Error", which is Something You Should Read Right Now
As Always, Thanks for Listening, Have Fun. Peace.


released March 23, 2017

ian kraemer - every single thing you hear on this album



all rights reserved


Ian Kraemer Turlock, California

born and raised in san diego, california, ian picked up guitar when he was 11 and started writing his own songs. he moved to turlock, california when he was 13 years old and has been recording songs and performing intermittently.

his main influences are weezer, oasis, and blur
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Track Name: I Stole All The TVs And Placed Them In My Room And Played Them Nonstop
there are none.
Track Name: Decay
I don't have all the answers
I don't have all the time
I can't keep it together
In this lost state of mind

I don't feel appreciated
But I do feel known
By the fire I am waiting
As it burns in my throat

As you stand in my way
Soon you will start to decay

I don't have all the courage
And I lost all my faith
Even if I had knowledge
It wouldn't mean anything

But I'm starting to control
And I'm starting to feel
I'm taking power of myself
And I'm finally healed

As you stand in my way
Soon you will start to decay
As it stands in my way
Soon it will start to decay
And as you think you have won
Now you've nowhere left to run
As you think you have control
Now you have nowhere left to go
Track Name: The Right Thing
You took me for granted
I was one of a kind
Felt like it was magic
Oh you were stuck in my mind

Got all of my courage
Took all of my strength
At first it was wonderful
But then you pushed me away

Gonna take some time now
Everything's out of place
And if I hadn't fell down
I'd still be in your maze
Oh when I look behind I
Didn't know what to think
It was only now that
I know I did the right thing

I still think about all
The times that we didn't have
I never even thought that
The first time would be the last

And I saw something in you
That I couldn't explain
It's a shame you'd ignore me
And then turn the other cheek

Oh it's okay
You don't need to worry
Track Name: As the World Burns
It’s been so long since I saw you
I thought you must’ve passed
Momentarily everything
Has faded into black

It’s been so long since I needed
Someone to help me up
I miss all the good times
But the good times fucked me up

And now the world’s come
To an end yet again
We’re at the point of no return
I’ve experienced so much
But I’m still so god damn young
But now we’ve nowhere left to turn
There is nothing to do
I have nothing to say
In the end my words tend to mean nothing
But I’ll sit back and watch
As I lay on my couch
As the world disintegrates and burns

It’s been so long since I saw you
And now it seems so little
What happened before
Is now a crumb kicked to the floor

Everything is different
And nothing now is normal
They say that it is
But we all see through it
Track Name: I Have Reached a Ledge
there are none
Track Name: Dependent
Every time I see you
I shiver in my step
Too embarrassed to talk
I’ve been holding my breath

I feel like I’m part
Of an experiment
And all of the walls beside
Are closing in

- /Nobody can save me
You recreated me
I’m dependent on you
I’m disintegrating
These are my final breaths
I’m a totally new person
I don’t know who I am
I don’t know who I am

As my thought process
Slowly slips away
You’re controlling me
You’re controlling me


As the moon comes up
And the day begins
As I wash away
All of my sins
And I fall apart
Just to come alive
This is the last time
This is the last time
I’ll break away
I’ll break away
Track Name: Sitting in the Sun
I don’t know what to even think about this
I’m leaving you here but I don’t hear any shouting
You never said a word
You never said a thing
You didn’t even care one way or another

But I’ll be sitting in the sun
Sitting in the sun
Sitting in the sun
Sitting in the sun

It already seemed like you left, so how good could this be
If I tell you I’m gone, but before you ignored me
You never said a word
You never said a thing
It’s like you didn’t even notice at all
Track Name: Under the Stars
How long is it gonna take
For love
To come to me?

How long am I gonna wait
For me
To be…

With somebody else
Under the stars that slip away
To the blue sky in the morning

How long am I gonna last

How long is it gonna be
Till I’m
Solving mysteries

With somebody else
In the middle of outer space
No more blue skies that I see
Track Name: A Call to Arms
you cannot lose your faith
you cannot break your heart
you've broken me in half
this is a call to arms
this is a call to arms
this is a call to arms
i miss the olden days

i don't mean anything
my mind is torn apart
breaking me
i'm standing here alone
one more time i'm gone
one more time i'm gone
this is a call to arms
this is a call to arms
Track Name: Renaissance
there are none